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How To Setup Mail After Purchase Review Request Email

TargetBay’s dashboard lets you send a follow up mailers to clients to remind them about reviewing their recent purchase. You may also ask them about the quality of services/products.

How to design review request email?

Dashboard– reviews—tools– mail after purchase

  1. Log into TargetBay’s dashboard and click Reviews & QA
  2. Now click tools and then click “Mail After Purchase”
  3. The options to create a review mailer and you can click on the module to edit the mailer.
  4. You can add images and necessary videos that you would like to add to the mailer.
  5. TargetBay’s database automates the mailer with the customer’s last purchase and send only the right product images for review.
  6. You can customize the mailer by clicking “Custom” and add features like coupons, etc to the mailer.
  7. Press “+” button to arrive at the mailer details where you can change the mailer interval and follow up parameters.
  8. Now “Enable” the mailer and preview it. Once you like the mailer, “Save” it.
  9. You can Test your email by clicking on to “Test”.
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