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Different Review Types Found In TargetBay

Find different kinds of reviews you can collect by using the TargetBay Review tool

  1. On the left menu, you need to click on Reviews & QA.

    Review Types

  2. Then click on Manage to find a list of reviews.

    Different Review Types

  3. On the top menu you will find three options:

    • Product Review

    • Site Review

    • Reviews & QA

    Product Review: This tab displays all reviews customers post for the products. The main purpose is to collect customer feedback about the product, its features and usage.

    Review Types In TargetBay

    Site Reviews: This tab displays customer reviews about the eCommerce website. The main purpose is to get customer’s feedback about the eCommerce website and service.

    Site Reviews

    Q&A: This tab displays questions that the customer has about the product or service to help resolve any queries that might keep them from buying the product.


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