Posting customer Reviews to your Official Facebook Page

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How To Post Customer Reviews To Your Official Facebook Page?

You can post customer reviews to your official Facebook page —

  1. Log into TargetBay’s dashboard by entering the right credentials.

  2. Now click ‘Reviews & QA’ on the left-side menu. Select ‘Tools’.

    Customer Reviews To Your Official Facebook

  3. Click ‘Facebook Reviews Tab’.

    Facebook Reviews Tab

  4. Click ‘Login to Facebook’

    Login To Facebook

  5. A popup will appear requesting your permission for TargetBay to post on your behalf.

  6. Click ‘Save’

  7. Now, you are connected to the official page of TargetBay.

  8. In the TargetBay dashboard, navigate to ‘Reviews & QA’ and click ‘Manage’

    Customer Reviews

  9. Choose any customer review which you would like to share and select ‘Push to Facebook’.

    Push To Facebook

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