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How To Setup Signup Anniversary Email?

Surprise customers with personalized wishes and offers and help create memorable experiences. Automate anniversary email alerts and don’t miss out a single opportunity to improve conversions.

To setup Signup Anniversary Emails —

  1. Log into TargetBay’s dashboard by entering the right credentials
  2. Now click ‘Email’ on the left-side menu.
    Signup Anniversary Email
  3. Under ‘Email’, there are two options: ‘Templates’ and ‘Email triggers’. Click ‘Email triggers’.
  4. Click ‘Create Trigger’.
    Create Trigger
  5. Choose ‘Signup Anniversary’ and click ‘Next’ located at the bottom-right corner.
    Signup Anniversary
  6. Create an email trigger name and select the subscribers. Then, choose ‘today’ as start date. Click ‘Next’.
    Email Trigger Name
  7. In Basic Details section, create a name for the workflow and select the user type. You need to select the date from which the Signup Anniversary trigger should be sent to the customer. Also, choose the end date.
    Signup Anniversary Trigger
  8. Select the condition by choosing the event ‘Anniversary reminder’ or any other appropriate condition. And for Value, choose ‘Yes’.
    Anniversary Reminder
  9. Select the template that you have created already and choose ‘Save’, ‘Save & Close’ or ‘Publish’.
    Save & Publish
    • ‘Save’ option will save the workflow and remain in same screen.
    • ‘Save & Close’ option will save the workflow and move to list page.
    • ‘Publish’ option will publish the workflow and move to list page.
  10. Once done, go back to ‘Email Triggers’ section and check the created Signup Anniversary trigger.
    Email Triggers
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