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How To Setup Order Comment?

TargetBay never misses any chance to reach out to your customers. Its technology makes sure that every product on your website gets reviewed. We make sure your customer receives a pop up just after their purchase by enabling ‘Order Comments’.

You can setup Order Comments —

  1. Log into TargetBay’s dashboard by entering the right credentials.

  2. Now click ‘Reviews & QA’ on the left-side menu. Select ‘Tools’.

    Setup Order Comment

  3. Click ‘Order Comments’.

    Order Comments

  4. By default, a template will be shown. You can design the template as per your requirement using the general tools on the left.

    Reviews & QA

  5. After finalizing the template, click on the ‘+’ symbol on top right corner.

    Finalizing The Template

  6. Ensure that the ‘Site review’ option is selected.

    Site Review

  7. The order comments will be triggered after the order is placed. Reviews collected through these pop-ups will be showed in site review section.

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