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How To Setup Order Comment?

Why You Need Order Comment?

TargetBay never misses any chance to reach out to your customers. Its technology makes sure that every product on your website gets reviewed. We make sure your customer receives a pop up just after their purchase by enabling Order Comments.

How to setup order comment?

  1. Log in to TargetBay’s dashboard and then click Reviews& QA
  2. Now click “Tools” from the drop down and click “Order Comments”
  3. Click on the module to edit your template with the available options on the side panel.
  4. You can add suitable images and videos to your template. You can also add your social media links from the “General” panel.
  5. You can customize the template by clicking “+” and you can choose if you are looking to collect site reviews or product reviews.
  6. Preview the order comment template and “Save” the template.
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