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How To Setup Abandoned Cart Email Trigger ?

Strategic abandonment cart emails can get 6x times more customers back to the website to complete the checkout process.

To setup Abandoned Cart email trigger, templates need to be created intially.

  1. Log into TargetBay’s dashboard by entering the right credentials.
  2. Click ‘Email’ on the left-side menu.
    Abandoned Cart Email Trigger
  3. Under ‘Email’, there are two options: ‘Templates’ and ‘Email triggers’. Click ‘Email triggers’.
  4. Wait till the page loads and click ‘Create Trigger’.
    Abandoned Cart Email
  5. Choose ‘Abandoned Cart Emails’ and click ‘Next’ located at the bottom-right corner.
    Abandoned Cart Emails
  6. Now assign a name for the email trigger.
  7. Select ‘Send to all subscribers’ or ‘Let me choose users’ from the drop down box.
    Send To All Subscribers
  8. Choose the start date for the email trigger. It is recommended not to select end date for Abandoned Cart triggers since it should be a repetitive and continuous event. Click ‘Next’.
    Abandoned Cart Triggers
  9. In the Create Workflow sections, by default, three columns are provided. The first column consists of Workflow name, user type choices and date. The second column includes three parameters: Event name, operator and value. The third column has a template and trigger time.

    Create Workflow

    In Column 1 (left), type ‘Abandoned Cart’ for workflow name. By default, the user type will be ‘All Users’.
    Select ‘Segment users’ if you have created one. By default, the start date will be the current date. It is recommended not to select end date for Abandoned Cart triggers, since it should be a repetitive and continuous event.

    In Column 2 (middle), the event should be ‘Abandoned Cart’, operator will be ‘Equal’ and value should be ‘Yes’.

    In Column 3 (right), the template selected should be ‘Abandoned Cart’ and the recommended trigger time is ‘1 Day’.

    For Follow up emails, click the small ‘+’ symbol and Follow up (Level 1) will pop up automatically. We recommend the first Follow up to be ‘Conversion’ condition.

    For Conversion – Yes, choose ‘No action’ and for Conversion – No, choose Abandoned Cart – Follow up template and ‘1 Day’ for trigger time.

    Click ‘+’ to send more Follow up emails. The trigger time should be more than ‘1 Day’ for consecutive follow ups.

  10. Once you have configured the desired work flow, choose Save, Save & Close or Publish.
    Save And Publish
    • Save option will save the workflow and remain in same screen.
    • Save & Close option will save the workflow and move to list page.
    • Publish will publish the workflow and move to list page.
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