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How To Setup A Re Order Email Trigger?

If you sell perishable goods, then reorder emails are the best way to get customers to keep coming back for more.

To setup Re Order Email Trigger–

  1. Log into TargetBay’s dashboard by entering the right credentials
  2. Now click ‘Email’ on the left-side menu.
    Re Order Email Trigger
  3. Under ‘Email’, there are two options: ‘Templates’ and ‘Email triggers’. Click ‘Email triggers’.
  4. Click ‘Create Trigger’.
    Create Trigger
  5. Scroll down and choose ‘Re Order Emails’ and click ‘Next’ located at the bottom-right corner.
    Re Order Emails
  6. Choose the start date of the ‘Re Order Trigger’. Choose the end date if required. Then, click ‘Next’.
    Re Order Trigger
  7. In Basic Details section, create a name for the workflow and select the user type. Select the start date of the Re Order email trigger. If necessary, choose the end date.
  8. Select the condition by choosing the event ‘Refill product reminder’ or ‘Refill selected categories’ or ‘Refill selected products’.
    Refill Product Reminder
    • ‘Refill Product reminder’ option will be applicable for all products.
    • ‘Refill Selected Category’ option should be used for select categories and subcategories.
    • ‘Refill Selected Products’ option should be used for specific products.
    • Check ‘Based Order quantity’ option to send Re-order email based on the item quantity your customer has purchased. (Eg: To send re-order email for tablets purchased before 30 days)

    Refill Selected Category

  9. Select the template you have already created and choose Save, Save & Close or Publish.
    Refill Selected Products
    • ‘Save’ option will save the workflow and remain in same screen.
    • ‘Save & Close’ option will save the workflow and move to list page.
    • ‘Publish’ will publish the workflow and move to list page.
  10. Once done, go back to ‘Email Triggers’ section and check the created Re-order trigger.
    Email Triggers
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