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How To Look For A User Profile

This feature is to make you aware of what your customer is actually looking for in your website and it also follows you up with their digital footprints. This helps you to send personalized promotional content to make the customer buy more from you.

To look for a user profile-

  1. Log in to TagetBay’s Dashboard and click People–> insights
  2. A list of all customers will appear.
    List Of All Customers
  3. To find a particular user profile, type the customer name or type the User ID and click search to know more about the customer.
    Find A Particular User Profile
  4. If you click on that particular user profile, you will be able to find out their in-store navigational path from the date they signed up to your website and also other information like the device that they made a purchase or visit, location of the client etc.
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