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How To Create A Segment?

TargetBay segmentation lets you divide your customer database into various targeted segments. Create segments based on various parameters using the following steps:

  1. Log into TargetBay Dashboard and click People–> Segments–> Create segment
    TargetBay Dashboard Segment Link
    Create Segment
  2. Now, you can choose various parameters under the Event section
    The Properties tab will display parameters like Age, Browser, City, Gender etc.
    The Events tab will list the people below who have Applied Promotions, Created an account, Items left in the cart etc.
    Events Tab
  3. Select the Operator whether this particular segment should contain values Equal to or Greater than or smaller than the Event.
    Save Segment
  4. Now enter a value in the “value” field and then click search. You can create a segment with respect to dates as well by entering the Date Range.
    For eg: If you want to send a mailer to customers who have a birthday this month. Just choose Event as ‘Birthday’ and choose Operator to be ‘Equal’ and Value ‘the desired month’.
  5. Click Search and now the list will appear. You can click on “save segment” to save the current search. Here, you can see the status of each customer and if you would like to know more about that particular customer, then Click “Explore”.
  6. You can view the entire details of the client in the customer profile, including the devices that they used to visit your website.
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