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How To Answer Product Questions

Reduce your customer support workload with the TargetBay QA widget which collects customer’s question and lets your support team answer directly. Such information is extremely valuable to other customers who want to buy the same product.

  1. On the TargetBay dashboard, navigate to Review & QA > Manage
  2. The questions asked by customers will get listed under the Q&A tab on the top.
  3. Write an answer: This button enables you to submit an appropriate answer for the question placed.
  4. Post Your Answer: This option will let you answer questions that are previously published on the website.
  5. Post & Approve: This lets you answer questions prior to the approval stage and publish both, the question and answer, together.
  6. Publish To Website: This lets you to publish questions on the website without answering them first.

    Note: Leaving questions unanswered for long will show customers that you don’t care about your customer queries. It’s essential you go through the list of questions and answer them as soon as possible.

  7. Delete Question: This lets you delete irrelevant and spam content posted by customers.
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