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How To Approve/ Delete Customer Reviews

On The TargetBay dashboard, navigate to Reviews & QA > Manage to find all the reviews that are awaiting approval

Scroll up to the review you need and click on:

Publish To Website: To display the particular review on the website

Delete Review: To delete the submitted review

Not Approved: It will store the review in the back end, but will not get published. You can access it later.

The same process can be used to accept/delete/unapprove all reviews that are placed on your eCommerce website.

To Approve All Reviews Posted By Customers Together

As you start using the TargetBay module, you will witness an increase in the number of reviews posted by customers every day. This bulk approval will help you save time, but ensure you read all the reviews and unapprove the ones that don’t suit any particular product or your website.

  • To bulk approve reviews, click on select all:

    This will choose all the reviews that are currently in the unapproved on the page.

  • Now choose the desired action:

    Publish: This will publish all selected reviews

    Unpublished: This will help retrieve published reviews back to the unapproved page

    Delete: This will delete all selected reviews

    The copy/move option can be used to move the product reviews to site reviews.

    The copy option is used to copy a particular review in the product review section to the site review section.

    The move option will completely move the review from the product review section to the site review section.

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