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Valentine’s day is a great time to boost sales. Leverage the season of love by implementing a well-planned email campaign. Use captivating welcome, abandoned cart, order confirmation, and other email templates and grow your clientele!





Why choose BayEngage’s WooCommerce Email Templates for 2020 Valentine’s Day?

Implement effective email campaigns that boost sales. BayEngage allows you to automate all your email marketing campaigns, build customer loyalty, and engage more with your shoppers.

BayEngage’s email templates are responsive and can be customized to suit your business needs. The best part is that all our templates are optimized for mobile as well.

Showcase your best-sellers along with their related items so that the customers are spoilt for choice. This helps customers find what they want and improves the chance of a sale. Provide attractive discounts for assured conversions.

Exhibit your brand identity and business values with our customizable email templates. Change the color scheme and images to mimic what your brand stands for.

At TargetBay, we warm up our IP address and sending domains so that your emails will not go to the spam folder! Overcome all your spam-email related challenges with BayEngage.

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