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Memorial Day Email
Shopify Memorial day email


Customizable Memorial Day Email Template!

Check out this customizable memorial day email template to promote your memorial day sale. The design is straightforward, and the copy is to the point. The product is placed below the primary copy, followed by the CTA. The main highlighted text here is the offer, followed by the products that complement the holiday theme. The design is brilliantly conceptualized, as even without much copy to explain, the message of celebrating the spirit of the American holiday is clear. The offer is highlighted and kept in the spotlight, and the products are laid out further down in the email. So, Gear up your holiday season with this email template.

How to Use This Memorial Day Email Template?

Step 1: Go to our TargetBay website and click on the BayEngage product.

Step 2: Navigate to the Email Templates icon in BayEngage.

Step 3: Click on options to see the best templates for all of your seasonal email marketing campaigns.

Step 4: Now select Memorial day and download the template to attract your customers.