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New Year Email
New Year Email Template


Party Hard and Safe This New Year!

This New Year’s virtual party invitation template is specially designed to meet the needs of this Covid-19 situation. Your customers and you will get to join a safe party with no fear of the virus! The black and pink colors compliment each other and bring a positive vibe to the new year 2021. It assures people that the coming year will be better. It also allows you to tell your customers that you care about their wellbeing. Download this customizable template to promote your brand image and for pre-written content! All you have to do is edit the time, date, and venue. So simple! Just a couple of taps away for an exciting invite!

How to Use This New Year Email Template?

Step 1: Visit our TargetBay website and open the product BayEngage.

Step 2: In BayEngage, find the Email Templates icon.

Step 3: Get the options to see the best templates for all the seasons

Step 4: Now choose New Year Email and download the virtual invite template to host an incredible party online.