Order Confirmation Email
Order Confirmation Email Template


Order Confirmation Email Template to reassure your customers!

Great order confirmation emails give buyers everything they need to know about their purchase. This order confirmation email template is the best choice for your order confirmation email. We have included all the key details for an order confirmation email such as confirmation of successfully acquired products, the amount of money spent on those products, the estimated delivery time, customer’s address to ship the parcel. It is simple, neat, elegant, and tells customers exactly what they want to know. Check out this order confirmation email template to make your customers feel happy.

How To Use This Order Confirmation Email Template?

Step 1: Visit the TargetBay’s website and select the Email template that you like from the ‘Email Templates’ section.

Step 2: You will be taken to the Email Template’s specific landing page where you can see both the Desktop and Mobile version of the template for better understanding.

Step 3: Download the template for free and start using it right away.

Step 4: Want to change a few details, add a logo, etc? Totally! Customize the template as you wish and download the template.

Don’t let your customer panic. Send them our free and responsive Order Confirmation email template.

Don’t make your customer wait. Let them know the status with our free HTML Order confirmation email template

Free, responsive HTML Order Confirmation email template to acknowledge your customer’s purchase order

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