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Black Friday Email
Black Friday Email Template
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‘The Major Black Friday Reveal' Email template

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are pivotal times for small businesses. And what better way to get started than with a customized email template that not only serves as a reminder to your customers but also conveys the spirit of the upcoming Black Friday season. Some excellent copy, amazing design ideas and the slow discount reveals at the end just seals the deal. The copy irks their curiosity and the end reveal hooks then till the end. So, what are you waiting for? Use this free template as it is or customize it your way.

How To Use This ‘The Major Black Friday Reveal' Email Templates?

Step 1: Pick the email template from a myriad of template choices, available on TargetBay’s website.

Step 2: now, you’ll find yourself in your chosen template’s landing page so that you can check in the two different versions of the template!

Step 3: Want it brand focused? Just customize it.

Step 4: Just download it for free and make the maximum of the holiday season.