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Nudge Your Customers To Come Back To You!

Our Shift4Shop abandoned cart emails will give the right push to your customers to choose your brand!

More than 70% of your shoppers will abandon carts at checkout and, unfortunately, this is a number that has slowly been increasing in recent years.

By implementing TargetBay’s Shift4Shop abandoned cart email strategy, you can start combatting this phenomenon.

Abandoned Cart Emails Are Remarkably Effective As A Sales Recovery Tactic!

TargetBay included many interesting features for sending your shift4shop abandoned cart emails to ensure you achieve high open rates and conversions.

Get Best Cart Recovery Rate With TargetBay’s Abandoned Cart Emails

Our Shift4Shop abandoned abandonment emails are created with the best practices from the industry to win the highest open rates.

Smart Marketing Automation For Shift4Shop Stores

Turn Reviews And Ratings Into Social Proof

Social proof can help you convert those first-time visitors or skeptical buyers. 88% of consumers claim that ratings and reviews influenced their buying decision. There’s a reason why reviews and ratings work so well. Shoppers rely on people’s opinions about a product or service more than anything. Use product ratings and reviews in your Shift4Shop abandoned cart email to let your potential customers see what others have happily purchased from you before.

Increase Open Rate With A Killer Subject Line

We use killer subject lines to invoke emotions — like joy, curiosity, and even FOMO — and excite people to take action and open the email. Subject lines shouldn’t sound spammy, because that causes people to distrust your headlines and, worse, mark you as spam. Our A/B testing will go a long way here. Our email marketing software lets you send a split-test campaign that includes two different subject lines. This way you can see real-time stats open rate and click-through rate for both versions.

Multiple Emails To Engage Shoppers

The first email sent within an hour of abandonment is great timing to get a higher conversion rate. Don’t wait for shoppers to come back on their own. Why within an hour? Because the shopper’s experience is still fresh in their mind. But it will take more than one attempt to get shoppers to act. Our abandoned-cart email campaigns include more than one email that is sent over a stipulated period. An abandoned-cart email campaign with three emails will result in higher conversion revenue.

  • Email #1 – Cart reminder email
  • Email #2 – Follow-up reminder
  • Email #3 – Promotional incentive email

Exciting Shift4Shop Abandoned Cart Extension From TargetBay

Smart Behavioral Popups To Make Your Work Easier!

Worried about collecting email addresses? Our behavioral pop-ups get the job done. TargetBay’s smart and intuitive pop-ups will collect email addresses from any new visitor who tries to exit the website. Integrate this list with Shift4Shop abandoned cart emails to see the best results!

Shift4Shop Abandoned Cart Emails Library

Explore our collection of Shift4Shop Abandoned Cart Email Templates to make your Abandoned Cart Emails more interesting!


Our email templates are tailor-made considering your brand identity and user personas

Great Copy

We craft top-notch messages in the email templates to resonate with your audience

Luring Designs

Attention-grabbing designs and illustrations will lure you lost shoppers in no time


Want to add a few details? Do it hassle-free with our easily customizable email templates.

Convert The Almost-Lost Shoppers Into Your Loyal Customers

Abandonment costs e-marketers about 2 to 4 trillion per year. Given its large impact on revenue, cart abandonment solutions are becoming a priority for e-commerce marketers. TargetBay makes remarketing simple and productive.

Send An Abandoned Cart Email Sequence

While creating an abandoned cart strategy, the first thing to understand is that you 100 percent want to send a series of emails. We would recommend a minimum of 3 emails over a period of a week’s time. Customers who receive multiple abandoned shopping cart emails are 2.4 times more likely to complete the purchase than those who receive only one follow up email. And customers who receive multiple abandoned cart emails have a transaction rate of 44 percent higher than those who didn’t. However, there’s is no actual limit to how many emails you can send if you have the customer’s consent to do so.

Harness The Potential Of Customer Reviews

Including reviews and ratings in the abandoned cart email is one of the best ways to encourage purchase. Reviews and ratings influence 88% of customers’ purchase decisions. Reviews and testimonials generate social proof, which is the psychological tendency to accept an idea if others express it. If a customer sees that other people have positive things to say about a product that they love, they are more likely to complete the purchase. Integrating customer testimonials is a smart way to improve your current abandoned cart strategy and prevent future cases of shopping cart abandonment.

Cart Abandonment Emails With Incentives Are The Way To Go

Test incentives in your emails to identify what your audience responds to best. Incorporating incentives is a great idea because you can recover more carts and gain more sales you wouldn’t have otherwise. If you were to offer a discount in your email, it could be the final push they need to complete their purchase. Anyhow, it’s better not to discount too much, too often, as people might come to expect it. If your customers get used to receiving discounts and free shipping every time, they might hold off on buying items at full price because they would rather wait for a discount code.

Dynamic, Personalized Product Recommendations Are Extremely Effective

Rather than showing the same product recommendations in your emails to all of your customers, you can display different product recommendations that are tailored to each individual shopper. Personalized product recommendations in remarketing emails are extremely effective as they convey the right message to the right person at the right time. In fact, adding such features to your remarketing emails can lead to a 30% increase in conversion rates and 35% in click-through rates.

Explore Abandonment Cart Email For

Exciting feature from TargetBay’s Abandoned Cart Emails

Smart Segmentation

With intensive segmentation, you can target shoppers with highly relevant and personalized messages. Create different segmentation criteria to reach the right audience with the right message.

Smart Scheduling

If your emails do reach the customers at the right time, kiss them goodbye to the spam folder. With our well-balanced cadence for sending emails, your emails are sure to witness the highest open rates.

Smart Automation

Juggling too many tasks in one go. We got you. Our smart automation feature will be a great help to send automated emails and will make sure you do not miss the right window of time.

Easy-To-Use Interface

The interface is easy-to-use and you can access the app even when you’re on the go. You have complete control! Get the job done effortlessly.

Follow-Up Campaign

We do not give up easily. Our follow-up campaign feature is best suited for reminding your customers the second time but with no nagging but only nurturing.

Exclusive Support

Facing any troubles at all? Don’t fret. Our expert team is right here to help you throughout the process - from onboarding to crisis management.

Don’t be late to the party! Shift4Shop stores across the globe are already leveraging the power of TargetBay’s abandoned cart emails.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, TargetBays offers seamless integration with the Shift4Shop platform.

An abandoned cart on Shift4Shop is an online shopping cart where a potential customer adds items but exits the process without completing the purchase.

Shift4Shop’s Abandoned Cart Saver allows you to create and manage email campaigns that will be sent to shoppers with uncompleted orders to motivate them to complete their purchases.

You can recover abandoned carts on your Shift4Shop site by implementing exit intent pop-ups, remarketing, retargeting, improving cart visibility, diversifying payment options, etc.

Yes, you can send automated abandonment cart emails using TargetBay’s Bayenage to motivate your Shift4Shop shoppers to complete their purchase.